Biography - Open Frames Trio

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The musicians have met in a concert hall in 2013 and shared orchestra and chamber music programmes. They played Haydn and Vivaldi on stage while having a go at Brazilian Hermeto Pascoal and French jazzman Aldo Romano’s music backstage. A utopia has hatched- a string trio is in for a boundless musical adventure! OPEN FRAMES starts blazing trails ranging from the classical tradition to the various styles of the XXth-XXIst century. Anything that may touch our souls and mark our memories is criss-crossed with dazzling music. Doing the splits, breaking free from norms- these are sportsmen or pioneers’ skills. The trio is inviting you to such an open-frame journey!
hiroé namba violon
françois schmitt alto
Patrick Brun Guitare
François SCHMITT
Patrick d.BRUN
Jérémy Brun
Kyunorg né en 1981 est un créateur d'images (photos, vidéos, time lapses, performances land art…). Pianiste, issu de la classe de jazz du CNSM de Paris, il a enregistré aux USA avec de nombreux musiciens dont le chanteur Gregory Porter. Il parcourt le monde en quête de traces essentielles.

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